The apprentices also gain an insight into all of the different areas of the Hotel by working on projects such as “Please Disturb”, participating in competitions or helping organise internal events. This creates an interdisciplinary learning approach that will encourage the apprentices to grow and develop, both personally and professionally, in the future.

Jakob - Hotel management apprentice

During the certified HGT (hotel, gastronomy, tourism) manager apprenticeship, you will experience everything that happens during the course of a guest’s stay, from reservation to checking out, first-hand. This will provide you with an insight into the different administrative areas, such as accounting, human resources and marketing.

If you relish the opportunity to use your language skills, love working with numbers and have a talent for organisation, this is the perfect apprenticeship for you.

Micha - Cook apprentice

You will wow guests every single day simply by doing your job. You will plan the daily work schedule as well as taking delivery of fresh and prepared products and checking their quality. You will learn how to make delicious dishes from the very finest seasonal ingredients and turn them into works of art on the plate.

If you like working as part of a team, keep a cool head in stressful situations, enjoy being creative, place great value on hygiene and organisation, and are passionate about trying new foods, then a career as a chef might be just the thing for you.

Mattia - Restaurant management apprentice

Do you enjoy being a host? Are good manners par for the course for you? Do you like catering to guests’ wishes attentively and diligently? Are you an excellent communicator? If you answered yes to all these questions, then you are the perfect candidate to become a restaurant manager.

Gianna - Hotel specialist apprentice

As a hotel specialist, the hotel is your office. Your hard work will ensure that our guests see our Hotel as a home from home. You will oversee the housekeeping, laundry, decorations, breakfast and deliveries. If you value cleanliness and tidiness, love meeting new people from different cultures, enjoy working independently and always keep on top of things, this apprenticeship is perfect for you.