Sustainability at Dolder Hotel AG

Sustainability is certainly possible at a five-star hotel. At Dolder Hotel AG, owner of the Dolder Grand, it is a central tenet of our corporate culture.


Together with our partners, suppliers and guests, we act in the interests of the environment, society and economy. We focus on critical areas such as CO2 emissions, energy consumption, use of food items, paper consumption, procurement, waste disposal, recycling, water management and corporate social responsibility.


Many measures, one goal

We have implemented a number of different measures to help protect our world and our environment. One of these measures was the introduction of an environmental management system that complies with the EarthCheck Company Standard. EarthCheck is a leading international environmental certification and benchmarking programme for the travel and tourism industry, and our sustainability partner.


Dolder Hotel AG’s written statement on our contribution to sustainability was drawn up as part of our overarching sustainability concept. It includes details of our efforts to improve environmental, economic and social sustainability. You can find it here .


The following sections cover our most important sustainability projects – projects that we have been systematically implementing since the large-scale renovation from 2004 to 2008:


Certifications in 2020

  • Participation of Dolder Hotel AG in the voluntary programme run by the Energy Agency of the Swiss Private Sector (EnAW), including a commitment to actively reduce CO2 emissions and improve energy efficiency. Certification Energie-Agentur der Wirtschaft.
  • Certified for sustainability by EarthCheck in 2020

Madagascar: back to the green island

In order to reduce CO₂ and counter the rapidly deforestation on Madagascar we support the myclimate project in Madagascar. It includes the production and distribution of efficient cookers and environmentally friendly solar-powered cookers. As a result, up to 269,621 t CO₂ are being reduced annually.

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myclimate “Cause We Care”

• With the “Cause We Care” initiative by myclimate our guests can promote climate protection both locally and globally by making a voluntary contribution. In return, we double the contribution. One part goes to high-quality international climate protection projects; the service booked is therefore climate neutral. We invest the other part in local sustainability measures.

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Measures to reduce energy consumption and CO₂ emissions

• Use of special geothermal technology at the Dolder Grand since 2005.
• Needs-based management and regulation of energy consumption with advanced building technology.
• Installation of a new, efficient heat pump and all-LED lighting.
• Monitoring of energy consumption and CO₂ emissions through an environmental management system.


• Collecting and donating used guest soaps to non-profit organisation SapoCycle, who recycle them and provide the recycled soap to families in need.
• SapoCycle is a non-profit organisation that collects discarded soaps in hotels and turns them into life-saving products. The soaps are recycled by people with disabilities and then distributed to improve sanitary conditions of families in need.

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Needs-based use of food items

• Use of regional- and seasonal-first products wherever possible in the Saltz restaurant and The Restaurant.
• Introduction of a new online reservation system for more reliable bookings, making it easier to plan how much food is required in our restaurants.
• Breakfast dishes now offered as individual portions to enable needs-based planning of food items for the buffet.


• The team of our newest project is called D-Impact. They raise staff awareness of issues relating to the environment, the climate, the use of resources and they provide training.
• Within this project we also aim to reduce the use of plastic in many areas of our company by employing environmentally friendly alternatives.